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Choose The Best Janitorial Services With These Tips

Before you give a person permission to come to your place of work, you need to trust them fully as they are the people who will come after hours to do the cleaning. These people will have your alarm codes and keys, however, to tell the truth not many janitorial services do extensive research to know more about their employees track record. The first thing to inquire from the people asking for a bid is whether their staff are background checked and fingerprinted as well. There is no need to be shy when asking questions that concern the safety of your valuable possessions.

Ensure the janitorial service has a liability insurance coverage as it is essential to this type of work. There are janitorial services who will claim they are licensed, bonded and insured but that is not the truth since all they want is the contract. Insurance is essential because in a place of work accidents and injuries are bound to occur, and you do not want to take your time off your busy schedule to go to court to ask for money from a provider who could not afford the liability insurance in the first place. Look for services that have an overage of up to one million dollars.

Try hard to stay away from signing agreements that last up to a year. No matter how convincing the representative may be or how good the deal is, it is better to pay a little extra cash so as not to be tied in a full year commitment. This makes you flexible as you can choose another provider if the current one is underperforming. Getting janitorial services enables you to control the staffing levels in your company. For fear of the account being given to competition, the janitorial services will behave professionally and offer quality services.

In case you decide to sign an agreement, make sure you have the upper hand when it comes to adjusting the level of staffing as per the business requirement. Decide on whether to go for a franchise or local janitorial services. You are paying for the franchise name if you choose to work with one. You will be required to pay for the franchise royalties, fees, and labor as well. The franchise business has a mandatory minimum contract that has to be signed by their clients.

Local janitorial services one that is owned by a family, on the other hand, will personalize their services and cater to the special needs of their clients. The small janitorial services function by referrals which is the best method to guarantee the best work. You do not have to sign a contract with the local providers as they work every month.

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